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April 27, 2011: Tom Welling Talks Superman Movies

Tom Welling Zap2It.com mentions how Tom Welling revealed in his recent radio interview with Robert Dover that he was never approached to play Superman in either "Superman Returns" or "Man of Steel", but that he's looking forward to this next movie's release in 2012.

    "This is the second [Superman] film that will be made since I've played Clark Kent," he says. "I know that it's very complicated due to where I was and being on a television show... I wasn't asked, I don't know if I was considered or not, but I do know they went in a different direction."

    As for a possible cameo appearance, Welling says, "Not that I know of! It could be? No, I have no information supporting that allegation, unfortunately." He doesn't sound particularly averse to the idea, though.

    One thing is for sure - Welling plans to see the film when it hits theaters in December 2012. "I can't wait to see it, I think they have a dream team with everyone involved and it's going to be a fantastic movie, and I'm just as excited to see it as anybody else," he says enthusiastically. "Christopher Nolan doesn't do anything that's not the best."

Source: Zap2It.com.

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