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November 15, 2011: WB Looking Ahead to "Man of Steel" Sequel

Man of Steel ThinkMcFlyThink.com claim to have received word that Warner Bros. are already looking ahead to a second Superman film to follow "Man of Steel".

    We're hearing through the grapevine executives in Burbank are very happy with what they've seen from Man of Steel so far. Both regarding the latest round of rewrites as supplied by the Mulroneys (the husband-wife writing duo behind the unmade Justice League: Mortal and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows) among others and the footage assembled.

    Production doesn't wrap 'till the start of 2012 and even then Zack Snyder's Superman epic will have another year and half before the general public votes with their wallets come June 2013. Nevertheless, Warner Brothers already has their sights set for a Man of Steel follow-up and gone as far to commission a shortlist of writers with Steve Kloves at the very top in addition to Travis Beacham and Lawrence Kasdan.

Remember, this is an unconfirmed rumor at this point in time, but hopefully it's true.

Source: ThinkMcFlyThink.com.

Thanks to Scott Stamper for the lead on this news.

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