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September 12, 2011: Michael Shannon on Getting the Role of Zod

Michael Shannon Collider.com has published a brief interview they conducted with Michael Shannon where they ask him to recall how he met Zack Snyder and how the role of Zod was offered to him for "Man of Steel".

    He reached out to me and he asked me to come out to Pasadena. I went and met him at his house. He lives in Pasadena in the hills and the view from his house is stunningly beautiful. He basically sat there and he ran through the whole...it was almost like he was pitching it to me, which I found to be a little bizarre. I felt like the tables should be turned and I should be on my hands and knees trying to get the part. But he was like, "Yeah, doesn't it sound great? Then this is going to happen! And then this is going to happen!" I said, "Yeah. That all sounds wonderful." Then we stood up and shook hands. He took me down and showed me some artwork, storyboards, and stuff. I just remember that the whole time he was pitching the movie there were these hummingbirds behind him in the window flying around. It was one of the most surreal mornings.

Read the complete interview at Collider.com.

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