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July 18, 2011: Is Kurt Johnstad the "Man of Steel" Rewrite Man?

Superman Movie News In any movie's production, a range of rewrites to a script are required as necessary changes become apparent as shooting on the film progresses. With David Goyer having signed on to write the script for a new Godzilla movie, Moviehole.net reports that Zack Snyder has hired long-time collaborator Kurt Johnstad to help with rewrites for "Man of Steel".

    Now that Goyer's is off The Man of Steel and on to Godzilla, Snyder got Kurt Johnstad (whose his regular, go-to writer, including 300, that Last Photograph project that Bale's attached to now originating from Snyder's noggin and that 300 spin-off) to take over for rewrites. Jonah Nolan took a pass on it too.

Remember, this is an unconfirmed rumor at this point in time.

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