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October 31, 2011: Henry Cavill's Excitement at Being Superman

Chris Van Vliet, entertainment reporter for CBS-19 in Cleveland, OH had the chance to speak with Henry Cavill in Los Angeles yesterday, and asked him about "Man of Steel" and what it was like when he put on the costume for the first time.

Many thanks to Chris for letting us know about this video.

Cavill (and his co-stars) participated in a range of media interviews to promote the release of "Immortals" on November 11.

Upon being asked how he approached playing such an iconic role as Superman Cavill responded by saying, "You can't look at it from the external viewpoint because it can be crushing."

"You've got to go, 'Okay, I'm playing a role.' And if you approach it any differently from playing any other role - and I'm talking from the place of we approach any role with the same kind of dedication no matter what - if you approach it any differently than any other role then you're not going to do a good enough job. Because you'll be worried about what everyone is thinking as opposed to just acting. Which is what it is."

When asked to expand on his experience working on "Man of Steel" he responded by saying it's been "very hard work, exciting and fun, all of those things. I can't really say any more."

Check out Henry Cavill talking about "Immortals", his answer regarding whether a Brit can play an American icon, and an interview with Jake The Movie Guy.

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