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August 17, 2011: "Man of Steel" Set Visit... But We Weren't Invited

Henry Cavill as Superman Warner Bros. has sent out invitations to a number of media outlets to attend a one day set tour for "Man of Steel" later this month... but despite our status as the No. 1 Superman fan site in the world, the filmmakers have decided not to select the Superman Homepage as amongst those invited.

While we're bitterly disappointed that Zack Snyder and company decided not to include the Superman Homepage in the "Man of Steel" set tour, we do have a good relationship with other media sources who were invited, and will let you know when they post their reports.

However don't expect to see any reports on the set tour for quite some time. Generally these set tours are conducted early in a film's production process, with those attending made to sign an embargo contract agreeing to not post any details on the set tour until a specified future date... which could quite possibly be in another twelve months or more.

In 2005 the Superman Homepage attended the two day set tour for "Superman Returns", which resulted in a dozen different reports, including cast and crew interviews.

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