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October 31, 2011: Michael Shannon on Zod's Costumes

Michael Shannon Entertainment Weekly caught up with Michael Shannon and, amongst other things, asked him about his role as General Zod for the up-coming "Man of Steel" film. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Was that fun to step out of Van Alden's shoes and into General Zod's for an out-and-out villainous role?

    General Zod is, I think, a bit stronger than Van Alden. General Zod would not go to the speakeasy and have a shot. General Zod will stop at nothing to get the job done. General Zod doesn't have a supervisor.

    Were you a fan of the Superman comics, or Terence Stamp's Zod in Superman II?

    I don't read the comic book, although when I got the job, they sent me a giant DC Comics book that weighs about a ton. It's got the whole history of DC in it. It's fascinating, actually. I looked at it with my daughter. She's really fascinated by it.

    I remember Terence Stamp doing it. He was phenomenal. I have to try and figure out a way to do something different.

    So you're not saying "Kneel before Zod" while wearing parachute pants?

    [Laughs] Yeah, the flowy costumes don't really...that's not the style nowadays. Everything's skintight.

    Do you have a costume? A Krypton outfit?

    There's two different modes. There's something that I have to wear a motion-capture suit for, because if I actually wore it, I wouldn't be able to move. It's a very big...thing. I actually don't know what it's going to look like, I just know that it's very cumbersome. There's another thing that I wear that's an actual costume. It's pretty simple. There's no paisley or anything.

Read the complete interview at EW.com.

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