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June 13, 2011: Making "Superman: The Movie" Article

Superman Anthology Blu-ray.com has posted an excellent indepth article on "Superman: The Movie", looking at every facet of the film, from the history of the character, casting, production values, and more.

    Superman can travel faster than a speeding bullet, he's been clocked at several times the speed of light. He can out-muscle a locomotive. He can leap tall buildings at a single bound. He can also see through any substance except lead, start fires with a glare, freeze deserts with his breath, hear a fly move miles away with his super-hearing, survive without food or rest for unlimited periods, remember anything he's ever seen, heard or read, and perform abstruse calculations that would fuse the circuits of the most modern computer. He can fly. He can shrug off bomb explosions and take sauna baths in the hearts of distant stars. He is an honorary citizen of several countries. He was born on the planet Krypton. He has entertained 62 billion people in movies, a radio program, a television series, a newspaper strip, a Broadway musical, books, records, educational reading programs and comic books. Especially comic books, currently printed in 14 languages and distributed throughout the world. And then he became the hero of "Superman: The Movie" a Warner Bros release. The film boasts the talents of a slew of Academy Award winners including Marlon Brando (as Superman's father) and Gene Hackman (as his evil adversary). He is portrayed in the screen adventure by Christopher Reeve.

Sprinkled with some great images throughout, visit Blu-ray.com to read the complete article.

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