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November 2, 2011: Cavill and Shannon Talk Physical Training for "Man of Steel"

Henry Cavill In separate interviews Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon have revealed that their physical training for "Man of Steel" has been hard and exhausting.

Shannon told the UK's Total Film magazine, "I've definitely never put this much effort into fitness for a part. I've never even considered it part of my job. It's not even a cosmetic thing, like I need to have a six pack. It's pretty intimidating to say, 'I'm a General'. They're all just very fit. I don't even know what it's like to feel like a private."

While in the latest issue of Men's Health magazine Cavill admits he felt like giving up at times. "When I first started working with Mark I thought, 'How the @#$% am I going to do this?'."

    His workouts had to change frequently, from lifting heavy weights to fat-burning intervals, and there were moments when he wanted to pack it all in.

    He said: "When you're knackered and you're drained and you just don't want to go on any more, you're still doing it.

    "Maybe we were built to stress and challenge ourselves physically, emotionally and psychologically, and all the rest of it. Maybe that's why we survived physically as a race - we evolved so it becomes fun."

Sources: Hollywood.com and The Press Association.

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