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June 9, 2011: Richard Donner Talks About John Williams' Superman Theme

Superman Anthology UGO.com grabbed an interview with Richard Donner ahead of the release of "The Superman Motion Picture Anthology" Blu-ray collection, and asked him about John Williams' score for "Superman: The Movie".

    I never like to hear compositions on a piano or very bare, because I may not be that qualified to hear what the surround would be if it was a full orchestra. So with John you know we did what's called "spotting." We spotted the film and decided where we wanted music and what the music was supposed to do. And then he went home and he came back to London, and our first scoring session happened to be the opening title credits section. I was very nervous, obviously, and we sat down and this great orchestra was out there. John got up in front of them and he ran the film in front of us, and it was the zooming of the titles through the air, and the last title zoomed through the air and the title Superman came up, and it filled the screen and zoomed back a little. His music, and you can hear it today, actually said when it got to that word, dun-dun-dunn, and it said Su-per-mannnnnn. He actually said Superman with music! I was so friggin blown away I couldn't believe it! It was magic.

Read the interview at UGO.com.

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