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April 21, 2011: Routh and Huntington Talk "Man of Steel"

Jimmy and Clark SuperHeroHype.com spoke with Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington, who are teaming up once again for their new film "Dylan Dog: Dead of Night", and asked them how they feel about the new Superman movie going ahead without them.

    SuperHeroHype: Have the wounds healed over the Superman casting?

    (They both laugh)

    Routh: It's long over and it's all done. I obviously want them to do a nice job because there are a lot of people counting on a good film. Including us.

    Huntington: We all want to see a good movie.

    Routh: It's Hollywood.

    Huntington: They've got Nolan and Snyder, so visually and story-wise, they'll come together for something...

Source: SuperHeroHype.com.

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