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July 30, 2011: Location Filming Reports for "Man of Steel"

Superman Movie News TribLocal.com had posted an article online which told the story of Ahmed Helmy, a 16 year old student working at the local iHop in Aurora, Illinois, who not only got to be an extra in a scene being filmed on location, but also got to be in a scene featuring Amy Adams.

While the article has now been removed, CosmicBookNews.com managed to read it before it was pulled down...

    "Well I was surprised that it was kinda' tiring waiting around so much outside the restaurant while they got the scene just perfect, but once we started filming it was cool," said Helmy.

    So what was his role (and most likely why the article was taken down)? Helmy goes on, informing that Amy Adams was present as Lois Lane.

    "I think I'll be in the film because I walk past her table a couple of times; I'm in the background," he said.

While MyWebTimes.com reports that volunteers from the Ottawa River Rescue Squad were on hand to give support to filmmakers for the crash scene being shot at Fox River.

    Rescue Squad Capt. Ray Sibert told The Times Friday he and other members were asked by movie production personnel, now filming the next Superman movie, to provide security on the Fox River while crews filmed an accident scene on the U.S. 52 bridge east of Serena Wednesday and Thursday.

    "We were there to keep boaters and any other people off the water and away from the bridge," said Sibert. "We had three of our squad's boats up there with 10 volunteers on Wednesday and 11 of us on Thursday."

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