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February 5, 2011: Ilya Salkind Regains Consciousness

Ilya Salkind By Barry Freiman

The Producer of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, "Supergirl", and "Superboy: The TV Series", Ilya Salkind, it has just been reported exclusively to the Superman Homepage, has regained consciousness for the first time since his hospitalization Monday in Mexico around 9 PM last night Mexico time. Salkind spoke with his attorney in Mexico at the hospital. When asked if he remembered what had taken place, Salkind said he remembered everything. "I took a bad stumble and serious fall," he said.

According to a source close to the Salkinds, friends of Salkind are en route to Mexico from the United States.

Stay with the Superman Homepage for more exclusive information.

The Superman Homepage wishes Mr. Salkind a speedy and full recovery.

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