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October 9, 2011: "Man of Steel" Filming in Nanaimo and Ucluelet

Nanaimo The Nanaimo Daily News reports that filming for "Man of Steel" took place at the Cassidy hotel just north of the airport on the Trans-Canada Highway in Nanaimo late last week and across the weekend.

    The set was full of burly looking men in plaid jackets and toques, fulfilling the requirements for a casting call for people with a logger or fisherman look in August.

    The crew member confirmed the site is supposed to mimick a small town in Alaska. Crew members bustled around with racks of costumes, light and sound readers and walkie-talkies. In addition to the semi trucks, there were four cast trailers, a few buses, and two large, green army Jeeps. A staging area full of lighting equipment was set up behind the hotel with lights so bright it seemed as though a small sun was shining on the building.

Read the full report at Canada.com.

Ucluelet Earlier in the week filming took place in nearby Ucluelet where public access to the corner of Helen Road and Main Street was closed.

    Businesses in the area, including a thrift store and sports bar, were dressed with signage and props to mimic the fishing village of Cordova, Alaska. A fishing boat sat in a cradle in a nearby parking lot after production staff moved in to prepare the set in late September.

    Helen Wiersma, owner of Second Hand Cargo, had the exterior of her thrift shop turned into a hunting supply store.

    The shop was closed for filming. "For this street scene, they want windy, wet and stormy," she told the Westerly News one day prior to filming.

    The weather arrived as expected, and small crowds of bystanders weathered the wind and rain to get a glimpse of filming.

Source: Canada.com.

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