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September 7, 2011: "Man of Steel" Museum Planned for Plano, Illinois

Smallville City Hall Although filming in Plano, Illinois for "Man of Steel" has concluded, and sets (like the fake 7-Eleven gas station) are about to be pulled down, the Chicago Tribune reports that the town isn't ready yet to say goodbye to Superman.

    Plans are already in place for a "Man of Steel" museum and festival next summer to commemorate the filming that closed down the city's Main Street. The museum will feature props and set pieces from filming and will likely be located in the Amtrak station on Main Street, or, as it was known during filming, Smallville City Hall.

    "It's something we could do as a city to keep the excitement going and capitalize on all the inconveniences we've endured during filming," said Plano Mayor Bob Hausler, who was used as an extra during the shoot.

Read the full report at ChicagoTribune.com.

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