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April 4, 2011: Henry Cavill on Preparing for Superman

Collider.com has posted a video interview with Henry Cavill and Luke Evans at WonderCon this past weekend, speaking with them about their film "Immortals". Towards the end of the interview Cavill is asked about Superman and how he's preparing for the role.

    Cavill: At this early stage it's just doing some foundation training. The guys from Gym Jones, Mark Dwight is training me. I've done about a month so far of foundation training. Really hard stuff, to get my body used to the real stuff, which is coming up soon. So at the moment it's just getting my body in the right aesthetic shape.

    I heard you're filming in Chicago. Is that true?

    Cavill: Possibly. I don't know how much I can tell you.

    Zack talked about how it's gonna be very realistic. Is that something that excites you?

    Cavill: I think it's a great way to go, because superheroes themselves are so unrealistic that to add a realism to them just makes them easier to associate with and attaches more directly to a real life imagination.

Source: Collider.com.

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