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April 8, 2011: Henry Cavill on Preparing for Superman

Superman Movie News Newsarama.com conducted an interview with Henry Cavill, speaking to him about his new film "Immortals", but also asking him about how he'll be preparing for the Superman role.

    "Biggest challenge on this one was maintaining the physical shape because it was extraordinary difficult with the hours we had and like I said, fourteen hours minimum with a half hour lunch and you can't eat that much and you're in every day. There's no time to sit back and relax and settle and then have your recovery day and have to go back in. It was nonstop brutal. That was the toughest thing," he said.

    "I think on Superman it will be slightly different because I've approached it with the experience of Immortals and I've said, 'Look, guys, I'm going to need recovery time and I'm going to need this, I'm going to need that, if possible, please, please.' And I think the most difficult thing with Superman is going to be making everyone...doing a true justice to the role while reimagining it."

    While we were wrapping up our interview, someone asked Cavill to sign a Superman action figure. It was his first. Newsarama told the British actor he better get used to it.

    "Superman is, I think these days he's such a universal idea," said Cavill. "And yes, he was raised in America as a character but I don't think the Brits see it any different, they see him as the coolest, biggest and best superhero out there."

Source: Newsarama.com.

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