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January 22, 2011: Duncan Jones Backed Out of Directing Superman

Superman Movie News Director Duncan Jones (Moon) revealed to ComingSoon.net that, while his name was on the short-list of directors Christopher Nolan was looking at to take on the next Superman film, he was a little intimidated by the character and the scale of the project. Here's the part of the interview where he talks about Superman...

    CS: Your name came up in connection with "Superman." Can you talk a little about that experience? [The phone rings by the desk]

    Jones: That's probably Chris Nolan telling me to shut up. (laughs) I was thrilled to be on that short list. For me, that was enough. I don't know if I would be ready for that leap yet. I did have a meeting with Chris and he's a fantastic guy and seemed to have really enjoyed "Moon," so there was some legitimate interest in me. I think, maybe, I'm not quite ready for that scale of project and that scale of expectation from an audience that is already existing and is waiting to see the next generation of Superman film. I don't know. It's a hard one. I'm a huge Superman fan and Bizarro Superman fan. And also a big Judge Dredd fan, which was another one that came my way. Those are two very different scales of projects. Superman was so big that I think I was a little intimidated by it and sort of backed out.

Is his mention of Bizarro just a personal anecdote or an unintentional hint at the character's involvement in this next movie?

Source: ComingSoon.net.

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