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June 8, 2011: "Man of Steel" Countdown - Part 2

Man of Steel Superman Homepage staff writer Jeffrey Taylor has submitted his second installment to Movies.com following the progression of the "Man of Steel" film starring Henry Cavill...

    Last month, the most controversial Superman story to hit the comics (since his death in 1992) was printed in the anniversary issue of Action Comics #900. And it was written by David Goyer, the same writer penning the screenplay for The Man of Steel.

    In the nine page back-up story, titled "The Incident," Superman stated that he intended to officially renounce his United States citizenship. It was a shocking revelation to many, hardcore and passing fans alike. What had happened to this character who once stood for "Truth, Justice and The American Way?" And what will it mean for the future of the character in all forms from the comics, to TV to movies?

    On a similar note, there was some fan backlash to the casting of Henry Cavill as Superman for the Man of Steel film. He will be the first Superman who was born outside of the United States. Again, fans wondered why such a traditionally American character would be played by an actor from the United Kingdom.

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