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February 4, 2011: Ilya Salkind Hospitalized in Mexico; Full Recovery Expected

Ilya Salkind By Barry Freiman

Tonight I spoke with a source representing the Executive Vice President of the Ilya Salkind Company regarding Ilya's disappearance and subsequent reappearance. According to the source, who asked to remain unnamed:

"Ilya went down to deal with some legal issues regarding the inheritance of his mother's home. He also ended up having some dental work. There are some things he was supposed to do on Monday that we know he didn't do. That is part of what led us to look for him. We understand that posters were put up and we believe that is ultimately what led to Ilya being found. A gentleman matching Ilya's description was taken to the General Hospital in Cuernavaca on Monday morning."

He suffered some undisclosed injuries and is heavily sedated at present. According to our source, "We heard about it about 2:30 PM PST today that he'd been found. We could confirm he didn't meet with his lawyer or go to the bank or back to a second dentist appointment he'd had scheduled. We knew all this Tuesday night at about 7.00 PM PST. We then took what we were told and talked to people and spoke to the dentist and learned the dentist was very concerned he hadn't shown up. "The source representing Salkind's Executive VP said that "the minute we knew something wasn't right, we went to the house to check. He wasn't there on the grounds surrounding his property." The caretaker of Salkind's Mexican residence went to the hospital and identified the sedated Salkind and a cousin of Salkind's later went to the hospital as well to identify him, according to our source.

Regarding Salkind's prognosis, the source said "He's alive, we're hopeful and we believe he's going to recover fully." When asked if they were aware when Salkind would be able to return to the United States, the representative said that he wasn't sure yet.

While Mexican authorities were involved in the search, it's unclear what the circumstances were that led to Salkind being taken to the hospital.

Deborah Moore, Salkind's Executive VP, is, according to my source, on her way to Mexico.

According to Sam Rizzo, Editor in Chief and owner of the Superboy Homepage, as of 1.00 AM CST yesterday, Salkind's son, Sebastian, indicated he was on his way to Mexico as well to get some answers. Salkind's first cousin, Hector Soto Peralta, informed Rizzo and Superman Homepage that the family was sending representatives from the United States.

Stay tuned to the Superman Homepage for more as this story develops.

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