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August 9, 2011: "Man of Steel" Filming at Edwards Air Force Base

Edwards Air Force Base With a heavy military influence in the movie, Examiner.com reports on the schedule for filming for "Man of Steel" to take place at Edwards Air Force Base early next year.

    The military’s strong presence in Man of Steel is transparent with the casting of Chris Meloni and Harry Lennix in military roles. Meloni stated in July he would begin filming the end of August in the areas of Chicago, Vancouver and Edwards AFB. According to a Plano Area Chamber of Commerce representative last week, a big military scene will be shot August 22- August 28 in Plano, IL. The curiosity is growing as to whether the all star cast will be present on set during this time. Production is reported to continue until April, 2012. Haire shares the base is to be utilized “towards the tail end, but not the very end, of shooting.” The base was notified of approval from The Department of Defense (DoD) on July 19th and is pending approval at the base, but Haire notes "it's just a technicality." Man of Steel is to film at Edwards AFB in early 2012. Access to the base by the public is also extremely restricted.

Read the complete report at Examiner.com.

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