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March 23, 2011: Zack Snyder Talks About Superman Schedule

Superman Movie News ComingSoon.net also recently spoke to Zack Snyder about the release of his film "Sucker Punch", and asked him a few questions about Superman.

    CS: Obviously, it's early to tell and I don't know what your timeframe is, but do you have a date when you're shooting for or is that up in the air until you actually start filming?

    Snyder: For "Superman"? No, we're going to shoot it at the beginning of August.

    CS: But do you have a release date yet? Because at one point, it was going to be released during Christmas time 2012 which is getting pretty crowded.

    Snyder: Oh, for the release? Well, I don't know to be quite honest with you. They're just screwing around with the release. I'm just going to make the movie and let them determine when they're going to put it out. It is Superman after all.

    CS: Any idea when we'll hear more cast announcements for the movie? A lot of people are getting really excited to hear who else will be in it.

    Snyder: I know I think that, too. Soon, soon. I can't say exactly when but I think you should stay tuned. The movie is growing and getting more awesome every day, so it's good.

Read the complete interview at ComingSoon.net.

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