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January 7, 2011: Production Timeline for Superman Film?

Superman Movie News Collider.com received word from one of their sources claiming to have a rough schedule layout for the production of Zack Snyder's Superman movie.

    Principle Photography begins 22 August 2011 and shooting will run until April 2012. "Superman" will enter Post-Production May 1, 2012 and will continue until November 2012 set for release in Mid-December 2012 (14th - 21st) [Date still TBC].

    Principle Photography will start in [Location TBC] which will act as "Smallville" and will film for about 40 days for 4 scenes: [HOMECOMING], [FUTURE DISCUSSION], [SHIP DISCOVERY] and [FUNERAL].

    Filming will then move to [Location TBC] where the majority of filming takes place. Shooting here will last Mid-September until Early January 2012.

    Filming will then move to the European and Asian continents as well as the Middle East for minor shoots from January 5th to mid February 2012.

    Filming will then move to a UK Studio until late April 2012 for interior shoots and set shoots before entering Post-Production on May 1.

Remember, this is all unconfirmed rumor from a source who contacted Collider.com. Visit their site for further details and speculation on this schedule.

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