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July 24, 2011: Cavill Talks About "Man of Steel" at Comic Con

MTV caught a few minutes on camera with Henry Cavill to talk to him about "Man of Steel", the premiere being pushed back to June 2013, the cast he'll be working with, including a story about how Henry met Russell Crowe eleven years ago.

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RogueTV also grabbed an exclusive video interview with Henry Cavill, who reveals that he's been doing a lot of comic book reading to learn as much about Superman as possible...

Collider.com also sat down with Cavill and his "Immortals" director Tarsem Singh...

    While he was at Comic-Con, Andrew Garfield spoke about the awesome responsibility of stepping into the Spider-Man costume. Are you thinking about that with Superman?

    CAVILL: It's very humbling to be chosen to represent such an enormous character with so much depth to it as well, but at the same time, it's a true honor. I want to do justice to the character and I want to be the right guy for the job. I want to prove them right, much like Zeus.

Below is another round table interview with Singh and Cavill talking about "Immortals" during Comic Con. Singh really praises Cavill's acting ability. At the very end Cavill talks about the Superman costume.

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