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September 14, 2011: "Man of Steel" Countdown - Part 10

Man of Steel Superman Homepage staff writer Jeffrey Taylor has submitted his 10th installment to Movies.com following the progression of the "Man of Steel" film starring Henry Cavill...

    I'll be completely honest here. If I weren't writing these articles, I would pay attention to NOTHING about the film beyond official picture stills at least until a trailer was released. And even then I would reserve judgment until the midnight showing at the movie theater on the night of release. At that point, I would probably try to look at the points I approved of before picking apart whatever I didn't like. But now I've become invested and even though I have strong opinions about certain aspects, I recognize that I know very little about what the finished film will be.

    A couple of weeks ago, I flew to Chicago and spent a day on the set of Man of Steel in Plano, Illinois, about an hour west of Chicago. I was allowed to see some of the sets and locations and interview several of the major creative contributors. But I signed an embargo forbidding me from sharing any of the information I had learned until Warner Brothers says I can, but I will go on record now to say I'm impressed so far. I was able to see the costume up close as well, and I'm pretty sure the look on the film will be a different experience than a single still shot from over 100 feet away.

    Given what little is known about the plot of the film, what are people even complaining about? Well, in most cases there are naysayers jumping into the stream of Man of Steel news with wild assumptions that appear to be "fact" to the people maintaining them. And in a couple of cases, I wish I could jump on and add my knowledge, but again, I signed an embargo and I can't talk about it. Can you begin to imagine how frustrating that is?

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