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April 5, 2011: Interview With "Superman: Requiem" Producer Gene Fallaize

Superman: Requiem ComicBookMovie.com has posted the first part of a two-part interview with "Superman: Requiem" producer Gene Falliaze, who talks about the up-coming fan film, what makes it different, and what we can expect from the film.

    On Friday we heard the news that you had cast Martin Richardson as Clark Kent, what was it about him that made you think "This is our Superman"?

    Martin is just great, as soon as he walked into the room myself and my other producers looked at each other and gave 'the look', because his presence is perfect for the dual role of Superman/Clark Kent. His passion and dedication to the character is astounding, and he continually strives improve to perfect the character. I've heard some comments saying "but he doesn't look like Reeve or Routh", and that's correct - I didn't cast an impersonator of Reeve or Routh, I cast an actor based on his performance and ability to portray Superman/Clark Kent. Imagine how different Donner's Superman would have been if instead of Reeve they cast someone who looked and acted like George Reeves interpretation of the character for example. Of the several hundreds of applications we had, Martin was hands down the best for the character, and I would ask fans to reserve judgement until they've seen it. We couldn't be happier with him though, and even if we had a huge budget, Martin would probably still have got the role.

Read the entire interview at ComicBookMovie.com.

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