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July 21, 2011: "Man of Steel" Crew Set Up Base in Aurora

Superman Movie News Even though the premiere of the "Man of Steel" film has been pushed back to June 2013, filming is set to begin this week in the Chicago area, with the Beacon News reporting that the crew has set up base in Aurora.

    This week, the staff working on "Man of Steel" set up offices and trailers on the city's far East Side. A publicist at the site said a former executive office building will be used as the home base to coordinate shooting for the latest version of Superman. Supplies and personnel will be coordinated through the Aurora location for shoots around the Chicago area, including in Plano.

    The crew could be in Aurora for about six weeks. Any shoots are expected to closed to the public. Crew members warned the public that there won't have much to look at if they show up at different locations, which will be kept secret.

    On Thursday, cones lined Executive Drive and several yellow signs - labeled "Autumn Frost", the movie's shooting name - were posted on trees and signs.

Source: Beacon News via SunTimes.com.

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