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June 23, 2011: "Man of Steel" Open Casting Call for Extras in Plano

Yesterday it was Plano's turn to host a Casting Call for Extras for "Man of Steel", with hundreds of people turning up hoping to be included in the making of the next Superman movie.

    Once inside the high school, the casting process took just several minutes. Hopefuls were told to fill out a short application - with their names, ages, sizes, occupations and addresses, then stood in line to have a quick snapshot taken.

    Casting company employees said more than 3,000 online applications have been submitted, but that the option isn't stopping people from showing up in person at local casting calls.

    Plano resident Mike Blackwell knew about the online option, but chose to show up in person on Wednesday.

    "My son did it online," he said, "but I wanted to come here in person."

Casting Call for Extras Casting Call for Extras

Read the complete report at the Beacon News "Sun Times" website.

Visit the AFbackground.com website for further details on being an extra.

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