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June 1, 2011: Richard Donner Talks Superman Movies

Ahead of his appearance at the Hero Complex Film Festival next week, where a screening of "Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut" will take place, the award-winning director spoke with the LA Times about Superman and Christopher Reeve specifically.

    There's nobody that could have played that role the way he played it. I don't think anyone will ever come along and play it like he played it - others will have to play it different - and on top of that, he was a really special individual. A great kid, a great person, loving and devoted, a great sense of humor and the personification of a good friend. He also made my career. I think about him an awful lot.

You can check out the interview with Richard Donner at the LA Times website.

Collider.com also sat down with Richard Donner and asked him a few questions about "Superman II", his feelings on CGI effects, and his thoughts on seeing his version of "Superman II" finally realized.

Source: Collider.com.

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