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DC Future State: Legion of Super-Heroes #1 [of 2]

Scheduled to arrive in stores: January 26, 2021

Cover date: March 2021

"Legion of Super-Heroes: Future State" - Part One

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciller: Riley Rossmo
Inker: Riley Rossmo
Cover: Riley Rossmo
Variant Cover: Ian MacDonald

Reviewed by: James Lantz
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The United Planets, or rather what little remains of it, now governs on Daxam. The Legion of Super-Heroes has disbanded and divided in various teams throughout the universe. All involved have one question on their minds. Where is Element Lad, he who betrayed the Legion and the United Planets? Whoever finds him will have to deal with his followers who believe themselves to be the true Legion, and if Brainiac-7, Bouncing Boy and others find him first there could be a War of the Legions of Super-Heroes. If that happens, the universe may never recover from its repercussions.

4Story - 4: While there are some scenes and dialogue that feel disjointed or that they lack a connection to this saga, this is an overall decent tale of the Legion of Super-Heroes. It does feel like more was meant to be revealed in this book or the main series. This left me feeling like I came into the story somewhere in the middle instead of at the beginning. Or is it the end? Darn time travel! Does Bendis have more Legion stories in him? I hope so, even if it means filling gaps and tightening loose, dangling plot threads.

1Art - 1: This issue features the worst art I've ever seen in comics, and I'm old enough to remember when Rob Liefeld was popular. The horrid visuals distract the reader from Bendis' story way too much.

1Cover Art - 1: How in the heck does this awful art get approved by DC Comics? This art is extremely hard on the eyes.

5Variant Cover Art - 5: This variant is incredible. It's a pity Ian MacDonald didn't do interior art in this one.

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