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Justice League: Last Ride #6

Scheduled to arrive in stores: October 12, 2021
Cover date: December 2021

"There is No Escape"

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Penciller: Miguel Mendonca
Inker: Miguel Mendonca
Cover: Darrick Robertson
Variant Cover: Michael Choi

Reviewed by: James Lantz
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The Justice League has been played for fools. Hal Jordan has somehow been possessed by Darkseid, and some unknown client hired Lobo to take out the League by pretending to have a price on his head. This isn't the Last Czarnian's normal style, but he was paid well. Now, the evil Lord of Apokolips, powered by the energy of the Green Lantern Corps, has separated from Hal. His return could mean universal, possibly even multiversal, armageddon for all who oppose him.

Apokolips is reborn with its dictatorial ruler hellbent on revenge. The Justice League is fighting harder than ever before against a Brainiac controlled Cyborg Superman and various beings out to kill Lobo. However, Batman has a plan... Lobo will be paid in two million Thanagarian credits to aid the Justice League without killing anyone. The Last Czarnian will be paid if the World's Greatest Heroes are victorious. Meanwhile Darkseid's vendetta is about to begin. Yet, the surprising appearance of a Green Lantern energized Martian Manhunter could impede the villain's dark path, proving that one can escape death. Justice will not allow one to evade it.

5Story - 5: After all the twists and turns of the previous issues, this one was a pretty fast read. Some recent comics tend to prolong the plot for the trade and hardcover markets. That is not the case with this issue. It moves with the velocity of a Flash and Superman foot race with the reader wondering how this issue ended so quickly. At the same time, its ending is a satisfying one that leaves one impatient to read the next chapter. That's how super (pun intended) this comic is.

5Art - 5: The dynamic and epic nature of the art make it the best in this mini-series so far. Mendonca deserves a spot as artist on the league's main series.

5Cover Art - 5: I love Robertson's art even if he needs to make Superman's S-shield slightly bigger. Still, that's a complaint that doesn't affect the cover's rating.

5Variant Cover Art - 5: Normally, this is a style I wouldn't care for, and had there been another character featured in this variant, perhaps its rating would be much lower. However, for a Darkseid cover, its art is awesome.

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