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Superman: Red & Blue #3 [of 6]

Scheduled to arrive in stores: May 18, 2021
Cover date: July 2021

Cover: Paul Pope
Variant Covers: John Paul Leon and Derrick Chew

Reviewed by: James Lantz
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Superman: Red & Blue #3 "Deadline"

Writer: Jesse J. Holland
Penciller: Laura Braga
Inker: Laura Braga

Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne are waiting for Clark Kent to arrive for dinner. They bet on whether he will make it on time or not. Clark has a Daily Planet deadline to meet while fighting crime as Superman. Diana knows Superman's time doesn't always belong to him, but Bruce knows Clark would not shirk his responsibilities to his job, the people of the world and his friends. As they discuss this Clark arrives in the nick of time.

5Story - 5: This story feels like something left in DC's archives for a Bronze Age "World's Finest" comic book. I especially loved seeing both Diana and Bruce's points of view as they capture Superman's character perfectly.

5Art - 5: The art solidifies this story's lost Bronze Age feeling perfectly. Laura Braga does great in this one. Put her on "Justice League", DC.

"Kilg%re City"

Writer: Michel Fiffe
Penciller: Michel Fiffe
Inker: Michel Fiffe

As the Justice League battles Kilg%re, Superman attempts to convince the artificial intelligence that he should ask people nicely to be friends instead of kidnapping them.

3Story - 3: The premise has potential. Unfortunately, the execution is a bit ham fisted in spite of being entertaining.

5Art - 5: This is one of those art styles that would not work for the main Superbooks in my opinion. It does, however, work for this series and its concept.

"A Man Most Saved"

Writer: Brandon Thomas
Penciller: Berat Pekmezci
Inker: Dan Panosian

Doctor Charles Miles, after being saved by Superman numerous times over the years, got to return the favor when he removed a piece of Green Kryptonite from the Man of Steel's chest. As he recounts the events to Cat Grant on WGBS, a villain is about to fire a Red Kryptonite bullet. Miles stabs the man's hand with his lucky scalpel, rescuing Superman a second time.

5Story - 5: I love stories like this one. They feel like a thank you note from the characters and creators to Superman. That makes it endearing fun to read.

5Art - 5: Berat Pekmezci seems to be blending various animated version of Superman with his own style for this story. That may not work for some readers, but I like what was drawn in this one.

"Something To Hold On To"

Writer: Nick Spencer
Penciller: Christian Ward
Inker: Christian Ward

A children's home field trip to Superman's Fortress awakens subconscious memories of Krypton's destruction and his leaving the planet as an infant. He uses Legion flight rings to take the kids on a trip to the skies. Unbeknownst to the Man of Tomorrow, Toyman wants to unlock the secrets of Superman's vault. However, the truth is discovered when a pair of boys are lost in the Fortress. Two lethal action figures, one a child's teddy bear, attack. He defeats the Toyman's deadly playthings and finds the girl a cherished stuffed animal from his childhood to forge new memories to override those that haunt him.

4Story - 4: This story, while very good, does lag in places and feels like it decides its direction somewhere in the middle of it. This is a problem with some of Nick Spencer's writing in general. There tends to be a need for improvements here and there.

5Art - 5: Here's another style that works better in this series than in the main Superbooks. I can't explain why. Perhaps it's due to the rich coloring of the monthlies ruining this kind of art. A black and white or a book like this with only two colors is perfect for it and the Kilg%re story.

"Little Star"

Writer: James Stokoe
Penciller: James Stokoe
Inker: James Stokoe

Upon learning a meteor is a sentient being, Superman does everything he can to help it while saving Earth from being destroyed. He cools its burns with asteroid belt ice and learns the alien is a baby looking for his family. A LexCorp satellite is attached to the extraterrestrial infant in hopes he can find his parents.

5Story - 5: This takes the classic George Reeves "Panic in the Sky" plot and turns it on its ear to make a sweet, fun read to tug at your heart strings. It's that darn good.

1Art - 1: Dear God, the art is awful in this story. It could possibly work for Hulk or Thor, but even for this book's experimental styles, it fails in Superman's universe.

2Cover Art - 2: It's not the absolute worst cover I've seen, but it comes pretty darn close.

3John Paul Leon Variant Cover Art - 3: The art itself isn't bad. The image looks over-inked, which ruins the cover.

5Derrick Chew Variant Cover Art - 5: Now this should have been the main cover. It's, if you'll pardon the pun, super.

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