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DCeased: Dead Planet #7

Scheduled to arrive digitally: January 19, 2021

Writer: Tom Taylor
Penciller: Trevor Hairsine
Inker: Gigi Baldassini with Stefano Gaudiano
Cover: David Finch and Rain Beredo
Variant Cover: Francesco Mattina and Ben Oliver

Reviewed by: Steve Younis
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DCeased: Dead Planet #7 In Australia the Amazo army destroy millions of the unliving. In Paris Zatanna and The Phantom Stranger can wait for John Constantine no longer, and take on Trigon themselves. Jon Kent/Superman and Damian Wayne/Batman arrive in Australia and Jon is shocked by the carnage. They are attacked by an Amazo, but together they make quick work of the automaton, beheading it. With the head in hand they breach the bunker of the villains, where soldiers are instructed to take them out. The soldiers refuse, and the villains' souls are removed from their bodies by John Constantine, who shows up dressed in all the magical garments and objects he has accumulated. With all these powers under his control, Constantine plans to take the fight to Trigon, while Jon and Damien take the Amazo head to Cyborg. The plan is to create a virus using the head to take out the Amazo army, while Jon and Flash try to race around the world curing as many of the unliving as possible before the Amazo army destroys them. John Constantine arrives to take on Trigon, but even with all the magical weapons in his arsenal he is killed... but that was part of his plan all along. As Cyborg and Batman's virus brings down all the Amazo robots worldwide, Superman arrives in Paris to take on Trigon and hold him at bay. Constantine (now in spirit form with Boston Brand's abilities) is able to take over Trigon's body, nullifying the demon. He then uses the spear of destiny to kill himself/Trigon. With Trigon and the Amazo army no longer a threat, the heroes pitch in to help Flash cure the Earth's remaining population of unliving, returning friends and loved ones to them.

5Story - 5: This was a fitting conclusion to an excellent story. Taylor does a fantastic job of bringing everything together. I was especially impressed with how Jon/Superman was handled, and the inspiration other characters draw from him. Being an Australian himself, it was nice to see Taylor setting quite a bit of the story in his home country.

4Art - 4: The artists once again do a great job of portraying both the action scenes and the quieter character moments.

4Cover Art - 4: Having Superman front and center as he takes on the Amazo army is a nice image. However, even though I love seeing a Superman character the focus of any cover, John Constantine is the real hero of this story, and I think it would have been fitting if his character was the focus of the final issue's cover.

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