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Justice League Infinity #2

Scheduled to arrive in stores: August 3, 2021
Cover date: October 2021

"The Crack'd Mirror" - Part Two

Writer: J.M. DeMatteis and James Tucker
Penciller: Ethan Beavers
Inker: Ethan Beavers
Cover: Jorge Corona

Reviewed by: James Lantz
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Amazo is still inside the Mirrored Room during his quest for answers to questions we all have regarding existence. The artificial intelligence's arrival there has resulted in Superman being switched with darker, dictatorial version of himself called Overman. Similar events occur all over the world, including to the Martian Manhunter's friend Eruch. This forces J'onn J'onzz to come out of his self-imposed exile. Whether he can help is his friends in the Justice League with this latest crisis, however, remains to be seen.

As heroic versions of General Zod, Metallo and Doomsday recruit Superman in their fight against Vandal Savage's Reich. Overman has nearly decimated the Justice League when Martian Manhunter enters his mind to discover a Kal-El raised by Vandal Savage who fell in love with the Lois Lane of his world only to kill her for her betrayal of Savage. J'onn knows that within Overman's impenetrable skin lies a broken man whose feelings of love have been repressed by his adopted father. The Martian Manhunter reveals that something is wrong with the multiverse. The Mirrored Room is shattering all around Amazo, and the results may very be to much for even the Justice League to handle.

5Story - 5: I contacted J.M. DeMatteis for a BACK ISSUE article the other day and mentioned that I'm reviewing this series. He was thrilled I enjoyed the first issue because he, James Tucker, Ethan Beavers and the rest of the creative team worked hard to continue where the "Justice League Unlimited" show left off. That hard work has paid off as the story feels like the series never truly ended. It's a pity this only a seven issue series because it really deserves to be a monthly book. That's how great this comic is. If you like JLU, you'll most certainly love "Justice League: Infinity".

5Art - 5: The art makes one forget they're reading a comic book. It honestly feels like we're seeing a revival of the JLU series.

5Cover Art - 5: Maybe I'm demented, but Jorge Corona has got to be the coolest name I've ever seen in comic book credits. Anyhow, some areas of this cover look exaggerated, but they work perfectly with Corona's style.

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