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Superman: Red & Blue #4 [of 6]

Scheduled to arrive in stores: June 15, 2021
Cover date: August 2021

Cover: John Romita Jr.
Variant Covers: Alexander Lozano and Walt Simonson

Reviewed by: James Lantz
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Superman: Red & Blue #4 "Namrepus"

Writer: Mark Waid
Penciller: Audrey Mok
Inker: Audrey Mok

Mister Myxyzptlk gets the tables turned on him when Superman visits the Fifth Dimension to prank him. Mxy gets satisfaction knowing even Supes can act like a jerk until he brings the troublesome imp an his girlfriend Ms. Gsptlsnz back together.

5Story - 5: I haven't had a chance to read Mark Waid's work on The Flash, but I have enjoyed his other comics for the most part. This was a fun twist on the classic tales featuring Mister Myxyzptlk. It would be hard for anyone not to enjoy it.

5Art - 5: I'm not sure if this art would work on mainstream Superbooks. It is perfect for this story though.

"Prospect For Tomorrow"

Writer: Francis Manapul
Penciller: Francis Manapul
Inker: Francis Manapul

Superman and the Endurance drone search for another drone called Prospect. They find it broken on a planet with Bizarro, who is in need of rescuing. Superman saves him and perhaps even gives him hope for the future.

4Story - 4: The previous story was a hard act to follow. Yet, this one feels incomplete somehow. Maybe I expected more from Francis Manapul. I'm not sure. It's still decent in spite of its shortcomings.

5Art - 5: Manapul has taken this series' concept and made it work with his art style CLEAR="all">
"A Little is a Lot"

Writer: Robert Venditti
Penciller: Alitha Martinez
Inker: Alitha Martinez

Jonathan Kent's lesson to young Clark in Smallville about giving a little being a lot when one doesn't have a lot resonates in the present as Superman does his best to save the people of Metropolis.

5Story - 5: This is one of the many moments that proves Jonathan Kent's importance to Clark becoming Superman. It has more impact than most stories twice its length.

5Art - 5: There seems to be a 1980s Post-Crisis look to Alitha Martinez's style in this story. It adds so much depth to the story that few could bring to it nowadays.

"For The Man Who Has Nothing"

Writer: Michael W. Conrad
Penciller: Cully Hamner
Inker: Cully Hamner

Mister Myxyzptlk tortures Bizarro during his birthday celebration only to find Superman gave his duplicate the ultimate gift of friendship.

5Story - 5: This and the previous stories capture Mister Myxyzptlk and Bizarro perfectly in well written adventures to please any fan.

5Art - 5: This art works both for this series and for a Bizarro story. Cully Hamner should draw the character more.

"#Saved By Superman"

Writer: Rick Douek
Penciller: Joe Quinones
Inker: Joe Quinones

An online challenge leaves Superman's hands full between battles with supervillains. He seems to convince the young man who started it to think about his life and if he wants to make a difference in the world.

5Story - 5: This is a social commentary on social media, and it's a well done one at that. It wasn't what I expected, but I liked it.

5Art - 5: Joe Quinones is the artist who surprised me the most in this issue. I hope he does a mainstream Supertitle one of these days.

3Cover Art - 3: Had this not been a Romita cover, it'd have gotten a lower rating. Yet, it's still only average at best.

3Alexander Lozano Variant Cover Art - 3: Some things look off in this image for some reason. However, it isn't badly rendered.

5Walt Simonson Variant Cover Art - 5: Why isn't Simonson being used more in comics? He's still one of the best creators out there, and this cover proves that. He and wife Louise should work together on a Superman special.

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