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Infinite Frontier #3

Scheduled to arrive in stores: July 27, 2021
Cover date: September 2021

"Infinite Frontier"

Writer: Joshua Williams
Artists: Paul Pelletier, Jesus Merino, Tom Derenick, Xermanico
Cover: Mitch Gerards
Variant Cover: Bryan Hitch & Alex Sinclair

Reviewed by: Craig Boehmer
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There is a lot going on in this issue and I won't cover it all in this summary. Green Lanter and Obsidian continue their search for Jade. They have interrogated most of Scott's enemies looking for her leading Obsidian to look for Dr. Bones. Roy Harper is attempting to control the Black Ring when he is taken by Hector Hammond. Hector traps him on his ship, but through a distraction Roy uses his ring, which turns him briefly into a zombie. Barry is on a power generating hamster wheel being manipulated by Psycho Pirate to run. And Calvin Ellis and Thomas Wayne confront Magog but then return to Calvin's home universe to investigate the problems in the Multiverse.

3Story - 3: I am really enjoying this story. While I may not care much about some of the more obscure characters this story is focused on, I am intrigued by what is going on. The only reason I dropped the score for this issue was how broken up it feels. Each of the plot threads were so jarring to jump between in this issue that it really hindered the reading experience. But there is a lot going on in this series. Roy Harper struggling to control the Black Lantern Ring has the potential to be a strong character defining moment for him. Coupling that with the discovery that his daughter is alive! I also found the inclusion of the Justice Incarnate to be a compelling moment. Alan Scott's search for his daughter was also more interesting to me this issue.

5Art - 5: The art is dynamic and shifts depending upon the character. The quick interlude with Barry and Jay was a fun major shift in style. I do not generally like big changes in art during a single issue, but other than the Barry pages, most of the art changes blended together very well.

5Cover Art - 5: I love this cover. The crumbling hand with the question scrawled on the back of it. Such a cool premise and it looks great!

4Variant Cover Art - 4: Quite a dynamic cover showcasing both the Flash and Psycho Pirate. It showcases a very small portion of the story, but one of the more intriguing story arcs.

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