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Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #3

Scheduled to arrive in stores: August 17, 2021

Cover date: October 2021

"Chapter Three: Modest, Calm and Quiet"

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Bilquis Evely
Cover: Bilquis Evely and Matheus Lopes
Variant Cover: David Mack

Reviewed by: Tony Parker
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Supergirl and Ruthye arrive at Maypole, a planet of prejeduiced blue people who all seem to be hiding a horrible secret, in order to find Krem. Supergirl spends her time investigating this, and she and Ruthye uncover the horrible truth, that the blue people of maypole sacrificed the purple people to a genocide, and that Krem egged this on and is now safe with Barbond's Brigands, the aliens who carried out the killing. Ruthye and Supergirl sit sadly and reflect on the evil existing in the world...

To Be Continued...

2Story - 2: This was a hard issue to review.

The subject matter is heartbreaking, to say the least, and it is not easy for me to approach this story from any perspective, for it both succeeds in one major way, but seemingly fails in so many other ways.

But I shall try my best.

I want to begin with praise for Tom King on his handling of the genocide. Not because it is exemplary, but simply because it is simple, true, and fair. The blue people of Maypole sacrificed the purple people. Whatever seeming kindness some of them had, cannot excuse the horror of their actions. No attempt is made to rationalize, excuse, forgive, or understand. It is pure evil, and King makes sure to point a finger of shame at all 3 parties responsible for the massacre.

However, that alone is not enough to make this issue work.

There are three main problems I have with this issue, two of which are recurring problems of this mini series.

The first, is that this is a filler issue, no two ways about it. Yes, we learn Krem's location, but that isn't much of a reveal. He's simply traveling with killers, this isn't groundbreaking, and Supergirl and Ruthye don't even seem that shaken by this. This could have taken a single panel to reveal, so spending an entire issue on almost nothing substantial to the plot, when you only have eight issues, is kind of... Odd? Dumb? Pointless?

Of course, filler does not need to be bad. I have always held the opinion that filler can be better than plot, since filler can take the time to develop the characters, and establish themes in the story. Filler can be great.

It is not here. Because of my second and third problem.

Unlike issue two, which contained some decent development for Ruthye and Supergirl's realtionship, and Ruthye in general (while Supergirl only came across as worse and worse), this issue has none of that. Supergirl cares about Ruthye is treated like some sort of big deal, only we know this already. What a surprise that she wanted to keep her safe, it's the LEAST I expect from a story about SUPERGIRL. Outside of that "reveal", not much happens. Ruthye is still the same as she was in issue two (still the only likable character in this series), and Supergirl is...

Well, that's my third problem.

It is long established that while Superman stories and his corner of the universe are not naive, they are inherently optimistic. Superman could face true evil, and still hold out hope for people, no matter what. Lex Luthor, The Elite, even Darkseid aren't enough to shake his hope for others, his decision to do what is right even when it seems impossible.

By contrast, Batman stories are more cynical, while still holding out hope. Batman won't say it out loud, but he does believe in others potential, and in change. He's just more inclined to doubt.

The biggest problem I have with this issue, and this series, is "why?". Why is this a Supergirl story? Why is this a True Grit tribute, with some other movies thrown in? Why does it all feel so repetetive too?

I don't understand why Tom King is making the choices he's making. This could be an amazing Batman story, a stellar Question story, a decent Green Arrow story even! Yet, Tom King, who is writing a cynical, depressing story about how evil people can be, how there is almost no hope, how crushing it all can be, has chosen...



Yes, Kara can get angry, envious, and downright depressed, but she too stands for hope. A cursory glance at any comic, episode, or even movie of hers can tell you that. Yet Tom King is writing her like some sort of strange, angst ridden Batman-Wonder Woman combo, who seems to only really care for one person, and who is told to us all the time to be full of compassion and care, yet never seems to really show that. She is constantly cursing, being overly violent, and angry, and mind you, I would say this if this was Superman too (if anything, I'd be even more disappointed if it WAS Clark!).

But, unlike the characters in this story, I do hold out hope. This series has potential, and I am still invested in Ruthye at the very least, and in the hope that Tom King shows Kara learn to hope again. So I hold out hope, Mr. King, that you can do justice to a character who is so much more than what is presented here.

Maybe I'm being naive, but I prefer to be optimistic.

4Art - 4: There isn't much to say here that I haven't said before about the art. Brilliant colors, evokes the right mood, especially on the genocidal flashback, and certain close ups were really impactfull! Great work as always!

3Cover Art - 3: Bit of an odd one, but the uneasy atmosphere works. A little too by the numbers for my taste, though.

2Variant Cover Art - 2: While I like the style, I don't find this that cool. Just kind of a normal hero pose, not much to say.

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