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Superman: Red & Blue #2 [of 6]

Scheduled to arrive in stores: April 20, 2021

Cover date: June 2021

Cover: Nicola Scott
Variant Covers: Brian Bolland and Yoshitaka David Choe

Reviewed by: James Lantz
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Superman: Red & Blue #2 "Own"

Writer: Steven T. Seagle
Penciller: Duncan Rouleau
Inker: Duncan Rouleau

Martha Kent is at a diner in Smallville waiting for Clark to arrive. Some rather gossipy ladies believe that adopting a child is not like giving birth to one. She convinces them otherwise as we see Superman go through his routine of saving those in need. She concludes that Clark is the Kents' own son no matter what.

5Story - 5: This story brings up the Nature vs. Nurture debate very poignantly. It also sums up the Kents raising Clark better than most twenty-to-thirty page comics could.

4Art - 4: I do like Rouleau's art even if there are some brief moments when his style doesn't fit with the story. This also happened when he was on "Action Comics" for me.

"Into The Ghost Zone"

Writer: Chuck Brown
Penciller: Denys Cowan
Inker: John Stanisci

Val-Zod, the Superman of Earth-2, and his anthropomorphic canine Krypto must save a starship of beings from Prometheus. They prevent the vessel's crash, landing it on Earth. However, Val-Zod's fight with Prometheus continues in the latter's Ghost Zone with the victor unknown at this time.

4Story - 4: This would perhaps be better as a prologue for a Val-Zod series instead of a short story. It's still a fun read though.

5Art - 5: I've loved Cowan's art since I first saw it in DC's "Prince: Alter Ego" comic book. I'd love to see him do more for Val-Zod.


Writer: Dan Panosian
Penciller: Dan Panosian
Inker: Dan Panosian

Lex Luthor must learn the value of patience while pondering what to do with some newly found Red Kryptonite. He eventually decides to wait until the moment is right for him to use it to defeat Superman. The crimson meteorite is placed in storage until that time comes.

5Story - 5: Who knew Panosian could write. I've seen his art many times, but I don't recall if I've read his writing. He should do more stories like this for Superman. He gets the psyches of Luthor and Superman perfectly.

5Art - 5: Panosian draws the perfect Luthor tale. End of story.

"My Best Friend, Superman"

Writer: Stefanie Phillips
Penciller: Marley Zarcone
Inker: Marley Zarcone

Ava brings a piece of space metal from a robot that Superman fought to school. She helped bring people to safety and made sure Clark wasn't hurt. Her aid allowed the Man of Steel to give a part of the robot as a memento, However, nobody in her class believes her. When bullies steal her Superman drawings and cape, the real Last Son of Krypton arrives to make things right. He thanks Ava for her help. Her classmates apologize to her, and Supes starts a basketball game with the kids.

5Story - 5: I felt like I was watching one of the most heart warming episodes of "Superman: The Animated Series" while reading this. It's really that good.

5Art - 5: One thing about this series so far in general is that we're getting art styles that work perfectly for their stories so far. This team should be on a mainstream Supertitle or a reboot of "Superman Adventures".

"S is for Cyborg"

Writer: Jason Howard
Penciller: Jason Howard
Inker: Jason Howard

A janitor is caught in the middle of a battle between the Cyborg Superman and Superman. The half robotic Hank Henshaw has a mechanical dog that feeds on energy. Cyborg believes what makes Superman a man is what makes him weak, but the fact of the matter is it actually is what makes him Superman. The janitor understands this as Henshaw's dog searches for sustenance from Henshaw himself.

5Story - 5: Jason Howard, like other creators in this issue has penned a perfect story that sums up Superman's character perfectly. If a writer can do that, they pretty much have themselves a good comic in their hands in most cases.

5Art - 5: This style may not work for a monthly DC book, but it works for the concept of this title.

4Cover Art - 4: The upper half of Supes' head looks a bit off, but otherwise, I like the cover.

1David Choe Variant Cover Art - 1: This has to be one of the worst covers I've seen. It looks more like Grant Morrison's Zenith than Superman.

3Brian Bolland Variant Cover Art - 3: Two artists who were involved in the "Prince: Alter Ego" comic? Bolland did the cover for that back in the day. I've been a fan since "The Killing Joke". His Superman is awesome in this image.

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