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December 20, 2005: Meltzer to Relaunch JLA Comic Title

In issue #172 of Wizard Magazine, it is revealed (finally) that "Identity Crisis" writer Brad Meltzer will be taking on the writing duties on a new Justice League of America series, for at least a year, starting with issue #1 in June 2006.

Meltzer will be joined by "Superman" artist Ed Benes.

As to why he decided to take on a monthly comic book, Meltzer told Newsarama: "It's the simplest, most overused answer in comics - they asked. The reason why they asked me to do Identity Crisis was that they knew of my love for the JLA. Even when I did Green Arrow, it was done with an eye to maybe one day I could write JLA. Someone said to me recently that there are only two dreams of a fifteen year old boy - to date a Playboy Playmate, and to write a comic book, and only one of those is worthwhile. This one is my fantasy - sad but true."

In the latest issue of Wizard Magazine Meltzer says his job with the series will be "to show you in those characters that you love something that you didn't even realize was there. That 's when it feels the most real, when you look at that moment and ask, 'How come nobody else ever thought of that?'"

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