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May 25, 2005: Jeph Loeb Talks Superman - Past, Present and Future

SilverBulletComics.com have published an insightful interview with Jeph Loeb, asking him all sorts of questions about Superman, from his relationship with Lois, his enemies, his friends, and what the future holds for the Man of Steel. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Superman marrying his love Lois Lane; Lex Luthor's rise to office and fall from Grace - recent events in Superman's history have given shift to the direction in which Superman's future is headed, not the least of which have been the introduction (or re-introduction) of other characters that have become key in his world. The 21st century has seen the return of Kal-El's dog, Krypto, as well as cousin Kara Zor-El. How will these characters impact the life of the Last Son of Krypton? "We'll see. It's just begun. But, it's the ultimate immigrant story, isn't it? A man comes to this country with nothing and no way to go home. Now, a little bit of it comes to him. What's the price? Well, in Kara's case, a hailstorm of Kryptonite. And we'll see how that affects the man for years to come." There's also been a whole slew of new entrants into the rogue's gallery of characters, perhaps due to the misconception that Superman lacks a rich variety of 'core villains'. "I'd say that Lex Luthor, Brainiac, Mxy, and Bizarro are pretty rich and have outlasted a lot of rogue's galleries - and I'm just scratching the surface. Will villains such as Doomsday, Cyborg, and Preus enter that pantheon? Check with me in about 40 years!"

Read the whole interview at the SilverBulletComics website.

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