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Infinite Crisis #2

November 9, 2005: Crisis Counseling with Dan Didio

Newarama have conducted the 2nd of the "Crisis Counseling" interviews with DC Comics Sr. VP and Executive Editor Dan DiDio. With issue #2 of "Infinite Crisis" hitting shelves today, here's some of the Superman related questions from the interview...

    Q: Judging from the first few pages of Infinite Crisis #1 - is it a safe assumption that Superman, Lois, Superboy and Alexander have been watching the DCU for 20 years?

    Dan DiDio: Not only have they been watching and waiting but they may have been unknowingly affecting change in the DCU throughout the years.

    Q: Looking at the larger picture of Infinite Crisis #1 - how much are you trying to say here? Obviously, there's the main story of the universe in peril, but at the same time, there are analogies about heroes who've forgotten how to be heroes, not to mention - in Batman's line for instance - the view that perhaps, the last few years of stories haven't shown Superman in a "heroic" light. Is there some admission of guilt on DC's part in all of this?

    Infinite Crisis #2 DD: Let me turn this question back on you. How haven't we shown Superman in a "heroic light?" Has he stopped trying to prevent injustice? Stood by idly while people's lives were in jeopardy? Does he let the villains win? If, at this moment, he is having difficulty reconciling his personal convictions and his place in the world, then I believe this a personal struggle and not one that makes him less heroic.

    Q: And when are we going to find out what happened to J'onn in JLA #119?

    DD: Very, very soon.

    Q: What is DC's vision the Justice League moving forward? Can we expect a radical change in the line-up such as Justice League Detroit or a more classic line-up like the satellite-era League?

    DD: Me, I'm just hoping there are enough heroes left standing to form a Justice League.

    Q: How does the Earth-2 Superman see the DCU earth?

    DD: Poorly.

Read the entire 2nd Crisis Counseling interview at the Newsarama website.

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