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July 7, 2005: Alex Ross Talks “Justice”

Newsarama.com have published an interview with Alex Ross, speaking about "Justice", the new 12-issue, bi-monthly series he's working on with Jim Krueger and Doug Braithwaite. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Alex: Finally, I can give people what I can end up feeling that they want from me, which is a comic book much closer to something like Kingdom Come.

    Q: The all out fight between good an evil?

    Alex: Right - the all-out fight, many more characters, and many more elements where I'm touching upon continuity that you recognize with the iconic characters. For instance, there was no Marvel family in the Shazam book I did. There was no Lois or Jimmy in the Superman book. You're getting all that plus more in this - you're getting all those extended kind of characters making their appearances throughout this - some greater than others, obviously, but the idea is that the Justice League's lives are not finite to just that grouping, but also include all the people they're involved with.

    Q: So who are we talking about? Everyone?

    Alex: Everyone. From Robin with Batman to the Teen Titans, and more. You'll see all of that touched upon throughout the course of the series. In my hands though, "continuity" is going to mean: this is what I grew up knowing, and this is what, arguably, a huge percentage of the reading populace knows - in other terms, the old fart audience.

    Q: I think you mean "casual reader."

    Alex: Yes - the more casual reader. I do love continuity in part, but I find it completely frustrating to try and find my way into it and become a part of it. I could never make it work with either publisher to get close enough to it. You've got different hands working on different pieces. Say, you're Grant Morrison, and you just took over Justice League. You put the classic team back together. Superman is a key figure in that team, and a key part of your stories. One year in, you get the call and DC tells you Superman is blue and electric - make it work with your plan.

    That's the kind of aggravating thing that I guess I'm too uptight to work with. So, as a result, I become less willing to compromise in that way, and opt for the classic takes on the characters and I'll do my thing somewhere set apart from the larger universe.

Read the entire interview over at Newsarama.com.

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