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December 22, 2005: Brad Meltzer Talks Taking on the JLA

Newsarama have interview writer Brad Meltzer about his up-coming run writing the new Justice League of America comic book series. Here's an excerpt from the interview...

    Q: While suggesting the "Big 3" of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are pretty good bets to be part of your League, you've said that the book won't be a return to the "Big Seven." Why not? For you personally, what doesn't work, or doesn't appeal to you about that approach?

    A: Of course I love the "Big Seven". It's what brought me back to the book. But for me, the best part of the old Satellite League was having the bigshots in there and being able to do the character work that can only come out of the smaller characters. Superman's great, but in the old issues, they got more stories out of Zatanna. Captain America's great, but Marvel got more [Avengers] stories out of Vision. It's the same today. Wolverine's great, but I'm loving Spider-Woman.

    Q: Given that the relaunch is taking place in the "One Year Later" period...how much metaphorical water has gone under the bridge for the JLofA? Any hints as to why the "Trinity" would want to try another go of it after how poorly the last one ended?

    A: Readers will have to wait and see.

    Q: Fair enough. Can you speak at all as to what will be the lynchpin for your JLofA? Will it be a common threat that brings them together again, reminding them of the good they can do? Infinite Crisis is exploring the ideology of what it means to be a hero. Will it be an idea, or an ideal, that reunites the "Big Three" and a new League?

    A: I think it depends on each individual character. Some come for ideas. Some come for ideals. The best part is the different motivations.

Read the complete interview at Newsarama.com.

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