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Superman #218

May 10, 2005: Ed Benes on Drawing Superman

The Pulse caught up with artist Ed Benes to show off some of his artwork and sketches, and also to ask him about taking over "Superman" after Jim Lee, and also about his work on "DC Countdown to Infinite Crisis". Here's part of what Ed Benes had to say...

    "I think my style suits the character," Benes stated. "I think that Eddie [Berganza] has the same idea - and soon everyone will think that way![laughs] I love working on this comic and with the character of Superman. It's a huge responsibility - a hu-u-u-u-u-u-ge one!"

    Benes cites Jim Lee and Ivan Reis as his favorite Superman artists. "I've been a fan of Jim Lee since his very beginning," Benes stated. "I like Jim Lee's Superman a lot, but my own style is different from his. For the fans, I want to deliver the best I can. I'm adding more to the background, seeking to improve my storytelling abilities - this is a really big deal to me! I intend to be the regular penciler of this book for a long time and leave my mark on comics with this opportunity. [The other Superman titles] don't affect me in any way."

    "In Superman, Mark and I are dealing with the impact the fantastic figure of Superman has on people," Benes continued. "So far, it's been great. Mark is a really talented writer. I'm glad to collaborate with him. On Superman, fans can expect the best work I've ever done!

Read the whole interview and see some of Ed's work over at The Pulse.

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