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Supergirl #0

August 9, 2005: Jeph Loeb Talks About Supergirl

The Pulse caught up with Jeph Loeb to ask him all about his up-coming new "Supergirl" monthly comic book. Here are some excerpts from the interview...

Q: What were some of the most important attributes or ideals you wanted to evoke in this particular hero when you were first creating her?

A: I can't really take solo credit for creating her without acknowledging the works of so many artists and writers from the last almost 50 years. They laid the groundwork. They did the heavy lifting. And this time around Mike Turner and Peter Stiegerwald had a HUGE participation in her development and the costume design.

However, THIS Kara Zor-El is much more the rebelious teenager, lost in the world, determined to make her own way -- like any other teenage girl. She has great passion and great fear since much of her past is "muddy" at best. Why that is will be part of what drives the first story arc. And as readers who've been following the story know, Batman believes that her "memory lapses" are cause for mistrust. Batman is rarely wrong -- and also very paranoid. You have decide which one is correct.

Q: What's coming up for Supergirl in her first arc?

A: There is a mystery about who Kara is -- not just who she is -- but what her role will be. And there are other people out there who have similar roles. Power Girl. Superboy. And some that are surprising. So... What's it all about, Kara? The first arc is called "Girl Power" as Kara learns about the DCU and they learn about her. Along the way, we'll see the J.S.A., The Teen Titans, The Outsiders, and eventually The JLA. But, there's no good comic book story without a good villain and we have one of the best. It's fairly obvious if you've been following her story from the beginning and if not, pick up Supergirl #0, which reprints the sold out Superman/Batman #19. It brings the reader up to speed with what she's been up to since Superman/Batman #13.

Read the complete interview at The Pulse website.

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