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Justice #2 (2nd Printing)

December 21, 2005: Second Printing for “Justice #2”

Justice #2, the second chapter of the 12-part maxi-series by Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Doug Braithwaite, has sold out at DC Comics.

With Justice #3 arriving in stores tomorrow, DC Comics announced that Justice #2 will go back to press for a new printing scheduled to arrive in stores on January 18th.

This new printing will feature a cover by Ross and Braithwaite that has never appeared on a comic-book cover before.

"I'm absolutely delighted that Justice #2 is going back to press," Braithwaite said. "This series is bringing out the best in the whole creative team, and the response from fans and professionals to the first two issues has been amazing, and I'd like to thank them all for their support. Having just finished pencilling Justice #6, I can tell you there is even more sensational stuff coming your way."

Update: Shown (right) is the new cover for the 2nd printing of Justice #2.

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