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All Star Superman #1

February 20, 2005: DCU Panel at WonderCon

WonderCon 2005 was held over this past weekend in San Francisco, with the DC Universe panel revealing the following Superman related information...

Mark Verheiden, who is the new Superman writer stated: "We're taking the book in sort of a different direction from where it's been. I'm starting the third issue now, and there's been a bit of a learning curve. It's amazing how much continuity there is."

Verheiden and artist Ed Benes begin their run with May's Superman #217.

Jeph Loeb said that Superman/Batman #19 will be sub-titled "The Girl of Steel" and will be drawn by Ian Churchill. The story leads into the new Supergirl series by Loeb and Churchill.

Loeb said, "Ian is pulling all the stops out. The only way I can describe it is Jim Lee meets Ethan Van Sciver. It's so incredibly detailed and there's so much love in it." Loeb also said that Supergirl will be "running around the DC Universe."

Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines rejoin Loeb with Superman/Batman #20, the start of a six-part story called "With a Vengeance". Batman and Superman take on a squad of revenge-seeking super-heroes calling themselves The Maximums, who believe the heroes killed one of their comrades.

Loeb said the arc will "tie up everything that has been going on since the first issue."

Greg Rucka, writer of Adventures of Superman, said that issue #640 will feature the unmasking of Ruin and #641 will have the appearance of a "new, malevolent force in the DC Universe that will culminate in a cascade of nightmarish actions" throughout the Superman-titles in July.

As reported a few weeks ago, Gail Simone (writer) and John Byrne (artist) being their run on Action Comics with issue #827. "Other than the punching and kicking, I kind of want to get a little bit with Lana and Lois and make them characters that Superman really might love and fall in love with, rather than being bitchy or whiny", said Simone.

Dan DiDio said All Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely and All Star Batman and Robin by Frank Miller and Jim Lee are the only All Star titles currently planned.

DiDio said of All Star Superman, "Frank is a meticulous artist, a slower artist, but we've made a commitment on this particular book that it's going to be 12 issues, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely from beginning to end, and the story they want to tell. Once it starts coming out, it won't stop."

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