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The OMAC Project #1b

May 17, 2005: “Omac Project #1” Returns to Press for a New Third Printing

A full three weeks before its instore-date of May 18, the Second Printing of the red-hot THE OMAC PROJECT #1 has sold out at DC Comics.

Now, DC offers a new, third printing of this sold-out issue. THE OMAC PROJECT #1 Third Printing will feature a new, variant version of the original cover by Ladrönn, which pictures one of the Omacs in the center of the image.

THE OMAC PROJECT #1 Third Printing is scheduled to arrive in stores on June 1.

Also, THE OMAC PROJECT #2 is now sold out at DC Comics. The issue is being prepped for a new printing, which will be announced soon.

"This is outstanding! I'm delighted and thrilled," says Rucka. "I think it's a testament to how much fans are connecting to the events of COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS. Love it or hate it, this shows how well COUNTDOWN has primed the DCU for what's coming next."

SHOCC Icon And don't miss THE OMAC PROJECT #3, coming to comics shops on June 2!

Check out THE OMAC PROJECT minisite here!

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