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November 15, 2005: Marv Wolfman Talks “Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006”

Superman Homepage writer Barry Freiman grabbed a quick interview with writer Marv Wolfman regarding February's "Infinite Crisis: Secret Files 2006".

If writer Marv Wolfman's sole contribution to the DC Universe had been the ground-breaking 12-issue maxi-series, "Crisis on Infinite Earths", he'd still have solidified his status as a comic book legend. However, the first "Crisis" is far from Wolfman's only lasting pop culture creation. He co-created, along with artist George Perez, the New Teen Titans and wrote their adventures continuously for 16 years. He co-created the revamped cybernetic Brainiac for Superman's 45th anniversary. He also conceived the corrupt businessman persona for Lex Luthor and helped develop that character during his run on "Adventures of Superman." He's created or had a hand in creating Nightwing, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Deathstroke, Professor Emil Hamilton, and Cat Grant. And he even had the time to come up with Blade the Vampire Hunter and Bullseye for Marvel Comics.

The prolific Wolfman returns to the DC fold in February 2006 with the lead story in Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006 #1, as well as two new Teen Titans stories co-written with Geoff Johns.

Click here to read the Superman Homepage interview with Marv Wolfman.

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