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The OMAC Project #2

June 7, 2005: “The OMAC Project #2” Sells Out at DC

Joining the growing list of INFINITE CRISIS-related projects to go back to press, THE OMAC PROJECT #2 has sold out at DC Comics and will go back to press for a new printing. The issue sold out twelve days before arriving in stores on May 25.

THE OMAC PROJECT #2 Second Printing reprints the story by Greg Rucka with art by Jesus Saiz. The new printing features a variant version of the original cover by Ladrönn, with Batman, Sasha Bordeaux and an Omac on the viewscreen.

"I didn't expect this project to be so big," says Saiz. "I only knew the script was very exciting, and I'm glad the readers agree! Thanks to (VP - Executive Editor, DCU) Dan DiDio, (Editor) Joan Hilty, (Assistant Editor) Rachel Gluckstern, Greg and the whole DC crew for giving me the chance to be part of such a project, and of course, to all the readers for supporting it so much. We are nothing without you."

SHOCC Icon "With reader enthusiasm for THE OMAC PROJECT continuing to grow, we're happy to offer new printing," says Bob Wayne, DC's VP - Sales. "We suggest retailers order this printing now, as well as increasing their orders on upcoming issues."

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